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Big Bunny

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SMALL withOUT tail: wd- 4.54" x ht- 6.28"  MEDIUM withOUT tail: wd- 5.91" x ht- 8.18"  LARGE withOUT tail: wd- 6.95" x ht- 9.62"

SMALL with tail: wd- 4.61" x ht- 5.95"  MEDIUM with tail: wd- 5.72" x ht- 7.42"  LARGE with tail: wd- 6.74" x ht- 8.70"

This is one BIG bunny! Design to put a real hairbow on the bunnies. The ones withOUT the tail are for adding a pompom, tulle, or tail made from a piece of boa. The directions for making a boa tail are included.
PLEASE NOTE: these are BIG bunnies. They use either the Xtra large (7 3/4" x 11 3/4" ), large ( 6 1/4" x 10 1/4"), or the 5 x7 hoop. In using the XTRA large & large bunny, you NEED TO BE SURE your machine can handle this size. Your machine may have the larger hoops, but if you are using older software that doesn't support the xtra large hoops, then you will need to go straight from your computer to your machine without going through your older software. The biggest bunny does not come in the XXX format.