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Guitar Sketch Designs

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guitar 1:  small: wd- 2.65" x ht- 2.25"    medium: wd- 2.97" x ht- 2.52"

guitar 2:  small: wd- 3.79" x ht- 3.25"    medium: wd- 4.25" x ht- 3.64"

guitar 3: small: wd- 2.95" x ht- 1.79"     medium: wd- 3.30" x ht- 2.01"

Fun fun fun sketch type guitars! Stitches quickly! Fabric Finders has matching fabric - so cute to make a pair of shorts with guitars on them and a shirt with the guitar fabric...or reversed!  Great for an inset or collars and pockets, etc.